Who is the CEO of Singularity University?

Mr. Steve Leonard joined Singularity University in May 2020 as the Chief Executive Office

Mr. Steve Leonard joined Singularity University in May 2020 as the Chief Executive Officer. Steve is a technology-industry leader with a wide range of experiences, having played key roles in building several global technology companies in Software, Hardware, and Services. Although a US citizen by birth, Mr. Leonard considers himself a member of the global community, having lived and worked outside the US for more than 25 years.


Before joining Singularity University, Steve was the founding Chief Executive Officer of SGInnovate, wholly owned by the Singapore government, under the purview of the National Research Foundation. Mr. Leonard was responsible for building an organization that helped entrepreneurs utilize some of the science and technology R&D, for which Singapore has gained a global reputation and commercial success by working with local and international partners.


Steve served as the Executive Deputy Chairman of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the statutory board within the Singapore Government Ministry of Communications and Information, with various responsibilities for the technology and telecommunications environment in Singapore. Steve continues to serve as the Deputy Chairman of IMDA at the request of the Minister. Steve serves on the advisory boards of a range of universities and organizations in Singapore. 


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