Where should I secure my own Lodging?

We highly recommend that you stay with at the Ameswell Hotel for multiple reasons:


  1. A typical Executive Program schedule is very intense, and staying at the same hotel will help you avoid a potentially brutal commute.  Program sessions usually begin around 8:30am and continue through at least 9:00-10:00pm each evening. Commuting back and forth with Silicon Valley traffic is less than ideal given how rigorous the program is. 


  1. Impromptu networking and socializing can be a large part of the EP experience as it often creates additional educational opportunities and uncommon partnerships that create companies, change companies, or change communities for the benefit of people and planet. If this aligns with your goals from the program, we highly recommend lodging with the group. The social aspect greatly enhances the overall experience as many participants learn a great deal from one another in a more casual setting outside of the rigorous program schedule.