When will I receive final logistical information, a participant list, and the schedule?

Please note, the following communications timeline begins only after your payment has been confirmed:

  • "You are in: Welcome to the Executive Program" email - once the registration and payment are completed.
  • "Important Logistical Information" email - approximately six weeks prior to the start of the program.
  • "Portal is now Live!" email - four weeks before the program starts. The portal will include a list of your fellow participants, logistical information, and more. Participants will be using the portal during the event to access the daily agenda, speaker presentations, daily notes (we'll have a professional notetaker), connect with other participants, surveys, etc.
  • "Have you packed your bags? See you in a week!" email - one week before the program starts. The email will contain the final program details, agenda, etc.
  • "Emergency Contact Information" email - one day before the program. We will share the hospitality phone number along with some program reminders.

Please note that the portal invitation will only be sent to the participant (assistants will not receive a copy) to protect the privacy of program participants. We ask that program participants respect privacy protection and not give out login information to their assistants. Most assistants find it helpful to set reminders on the calendar to ensure that the participants are on the lookout for program-related communications.

Depending on your corporate/personal email filters, our notices may be treated as spam mail. Please look for the above emails in your spam folder (and "unspam" if you find it there), or you may need to adjust your spam filters. If you don't receive the notices based on the above timelines and they're not in your spam folder, send us an emailand we can forward a copy to you.


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