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What's the difference between Chapters and Partners?

Chapters are one of many SingularityU brand licenses at Singularity University. They are local community-driven groups, working collaboratively with Singularity University to make an impact on the world's biggest challenges. Chapters are open to Singularity University Alumni and all members of our community, and engage through local free or very low cost events, organized by their Leadership teams.


On the other hand, Partnerships are the most intensive business relationship that any entity can have with Singularity University, and as a result we apply specific criteria in evaluating potential Country Partners. This is a unique opportunity for past participants of Singularity University programs to work with local governments, educational institutions, foundations and NGOs, and corporate sponsors in partnership with Singularity University to elevate the state of innovation in their respective countries and bring us all closer to an abundant future. Currently, we are only considering applications from for this role because they have already demonstrated an ability to organize large-scale events, recruit and partner with sponsors, and collaborate effectively with our global community.


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