What is the focus of the Executive Program?

Singularity’s flagship ‘Executive Program’ (EP) is a five-day immersive executive education and personal transformation course in Silicon Valley that examines how exponential technologies and their convergence will shape our future, while also exploring ethical leadership in a rapidly changing world. 

The EP exists to inspire leaders to experience and understand the possibilities that technology brings rather than focus just on its disruption. We have three main goals and outcomes for participants:

  1. Goal: Gain an understanding of the capabilities exponential technologies represent and their implications
    1. Outcome 1: Identify opportunities/challenges represented by core technologies and exponential trends
    2. Outcome 2: Explore how that relates to your organization and/or self 
  2. Goal: Create growth and positive impact for yourself, your company and the world 
    1. Outcome 1: Apply an exponential mindset to articulate a bold future vision
    2. Outcome 2: Leverage an actionable toolkit to build new companies or products  
    3. Outcome 3: Identify new, uncommon partners to help you along the way 
  3. Goal: Envision the future and build a roadmap to get there
    1. Outcome 1: Create a strategic narrative that showcases your future-focused vision
    2. Outcome 2: Connect with potential partners to help you and/or connect you with those who can
    3. Outcome 3: Craft a strategy to inspire others to join you in taking the first steps to make it real

Even for Singularity Group, an organization best known for evangelizing exponential changes being enabled by rapidly accelerating technological development, the pace of change over the last few years has been devastatingly swift. While other leadership programs focus on best business practices for today, you will come away from the EP with the right mindset and toolset so that together we can advance a sustainable future for people and the planet.