What is the dress code?  What is the weather like?

Dress code is Silicon Valley business casual, which typically means jeans and a dress shirt or nice top, blazer optional.  The main room will be kept at 68 degrees fahrenheit/ 20 degrees Celsius. Here are a few garments we recommend packing:

  • One slightly more business formal suit or dress for the closing party on Thursday evening. 
  • One pair of comfortable walking shoes.
  • Athletic wear (and swimwear if you’d like to use the pool) if you choose to participate in our fitness experiences.
  • A warm jacket, sweater, scarf, and gloves!  The Silicon Valley area is colder than most people think, especially in the mornings/evenings. Even in the warmer months we still recommend a warm sweater, jackets, and scarf as weather can be inclement and unpredictable.