What is the application/admission process?

The ​admissions process for the​ Executive Program is not based on a reservation system, but rather, each applicant must apply and is reviewed based on his/her individual merit.  


The first step is to submit an application. Once a completed application is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment notice of the receipt of your application. Your application will then be placed in the queue for our Admissions Team to review. If you do not see the acknowledgment notice in your inbox, please check your spam folder as corporate email filters may treat our communications as spam.


Our Admissions Team use​s​ a holistic review to consider many factors including seniority and influence in one's industry or organization, passion for having a positive impact in the world, and desire to join the SU community. 


We highly recommend providing thorough and thoughtful responses to the questions on the application. If more information is required to complete the review of your application, our Admissions Team will reach out via email. The application should be completed by the applicant, not by an assistant, as information should be reflective of the applicant's passions and viewpoints.  We recommend that you provide:


  • information about your professional background and current company & role, 
  • links to articles or write-ups on your professional and/or personal accomplishments,
  • links to Bloomberg/LinkedIn profiles, and
  • a strong personal statement connecting us to your passions.  For example, why did you select the Executive Program?  How do your past accomplishments and plans for the future align with SU's Mission of Impact and Global Grand Challenges?

The Admissions Team carefully selects participants for each cohort from the pool of qualified applicants to ensure diversity in demographics, geography, and industry—as we believe this to be an important element of the EP experience.​  


When an applicant is approved for admission, an Offer of Admission is released.​ The applicant must complete registration and payment via the link provided in the offer notice within the stated timeframe. Once both steps are completed, our Welcome Team will release logistics information for travel planning. If registration or payment deadlines are missed, please contact the Admissions Team right away to avoid the withdrawal of your application. 


For more information regarding the Executive Program, please visit the Executive Program page.


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