Code Of Conduct: Zero Tolerance Policy

We are committed to the health, safety, and dignity of participants in our programs and to our staff and visitors. Accordingly, during your participation in our programs and events, including during speaking engagements, lectures, salons, time spent in accommodations, off-site visits and transportation to and from events, or while at SU programming/event venue(s) for any other reason, You are prohibited from engaging (physically or digitally) in disruptive, threatening, violent, or discriminatory behavior, or unwelcome sexual advances.  


  • Disruptive behaviors include yelling, using profanity, waving arms or fists, verbally (or in writing) attacking or abusing others, and refusing reasonable requests to change Your behavior when requested by a member of our staff.  


  • Threatening behavior includes physical actions short of actual contact or injury (such as moving aggressively into another’s personal space), as well as direct or implied oral or written threats to people or property.  


  • Violent behavior includes any physical assault, with or without weapons; behavior that a reasonable person would interpret as being potentially violent (throwing things, pounding Your fist on a desk or door, or destroying property); or specific threats to inflict physical harm.  


  • Discriminatory behavior includes any type of harassment that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for participants in our programs or events, or for our employees or guests, including, but not limited to, verbal, visual, or physical conduct that discriminates on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation, national origin, color, religion, age, disability, or veteran’s status.  


  • Unwelcome sexual advances include: (i) graphic or degrading comments about an individual or his or her appearance; (ii) the display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; (iii) subtle or overt pressure for sexual activity; and (iv) physical contact or blocking movements V170501.