How to use the SU Global Community app

Activity feed

Once you join, you land on the Home tab, which is your Activity Feed.

Your Activity Feed is personalized for you. And it's the heartbeat of your experience. 

In the Activity Feed, you'll see the posts, articles, polls, questions, and events added by your Host and other members. Make sure to visit the Welcome Section with tips for new members and the Featured Section for returning members. You will see these at the top of Activity Feed on each visit.

You can also sort and filter what appears in your activity feed by using the dropdown filters at the top (add gif video)

Manage Notifications 

You have full control over the notifications you receive via the SU Global Community.

You can receive email notifications, mobile notifications, both email and mobile notifications, or turn notification off altogether.

By default, notifications are on, so if you're sensitive to receiving a lot of email or mobile notifications, be proactive in adjusting them down.   

Update the notifications you receive by finding your profile photo on the web (upper right hand corner) or mobile apps (bottom right hand corner), clicking on it, and choosing Personal Settings > Notifications.

If you have the mobile app installed, you'll see the option to choose whether you want to be notified about activity relevant to you via email only, by mobile notifications only, or through both methods. You can also select "None" and you will be unsubscribed from receiving any notifications going forward.

Once you've selected the way you want to be notified, you can toggle which types of notifications you want to receive.

You can choose to receive an email or push notification when:

  •     A member messages you directly
  •     Someone @ mentions you in a post or comment
  •     There is a new comment on your post
  •     There are notifications related to an event you are attending
  •     There is a new comment on a post on which you also commented
  •     There is a cheer on your post
  •     There is a new post from your one your Network Hosts
  •     There are new posts from people you follow
  •     A question was asked that you can help answer
  •     Activities occur that are relevant to you

You can update your notifications from the mobile app or on the web and they'll be updated everywhere.


Topics organize content and activity happening across the community. Right now, each post or activity can only be added to one Topic.

Edit or Change the Topics You Follow

Topics organize Quick Posts, Articles, and other activities like Polls, Questions, and Events. Right now, each post or activity can belong to one Topic at a time. 

By default, you're following the Highlights in every Topic. This is the default setting so that you can see the most popular activity across all Topics. 

If you want to opt into seeing everything in a Topic, click the Follow button you see on the Topics page. Clicking Follow a second time will bring you back to the Highlights view of Topic. To completely Hide a Topic, read on.


Hide All Activity From a Topic

If you don't want to see any activity in a particular Topic, you want to choose to Hide Topic from the 3 dot menu you reach from the Topics page.



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