What is Membership?

Singularity Membership provides the tools, resources and connections needed to support leaders on their journey to to tackle the world's greatest challenges.

Access premium content, courses, panel discussions, events and networking for your staff. We will work with you to develop a program aligned with your goals and impact initiatives.

We have Individual and Enterprise Membership. Our enterprise membership is available to for-profit companies, non-profits, government agencies, investors and academic institutions. 

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to align your companies' publicly-stated initiatives with specific SDGs. This unique approach allows us to calibrate the content and experiences we curate for your team with your specific impact goals.  

We help your leaders expand their understanding and engagement on how to leverage exponential technologies for your corporate and impact goals. Our global network allows us to bring together leaders with shared priorities to learn from each other and from our experts to more confidently take positive action in their companies.

With Membership, you get:

Curated Content / weekly: SU curated content and insights provide members timely information on technologies, trends and current events. Content includes newsletters, tech releases and blog posts, which are curated by SU’s content professionals and experts, and are available for members to read, listen, watch and discuss. 

Webinars / monthly: SU live events are an opportunity for members to learn first-hand from SU experts. Webinars provide an understanding of trends and tools as a critical foundation for developing a point of view, a step required to shift mindsets and transform an organization. 

Roundtables / monthly: Roundtables provide an opportunity for members to get together in an informal setting to examine timely topics. Discussions feature open-ended questions and the grouping leaders across global industries to create a space where members can discuss and share insights. 

Research & Tech Publication / quarterly: SU research is designed to inform action, gather evidence for theories, and contribute to developing member knowledge. Our research addresses a variety of pertinent topics and issues related to exponential technology and impact. Each research release is paired with a technology component for members who would like to dig deeper in the area.

Member Matching: Members receive facilitated introductions to other SU Member organizations and SU’s broader global network of startups and experts based on industry, interest and need. Limitations may apply. 

Spark Live Series: Spark Live Series are interactive webinars and workshops covering narrative themes curated by SU to keep your organization current on the stories, trends and tools that matter today and will transform tomorrow.

Members will access benefits in the Premium Membership area of the SU Platform, which is self-serve and available 24/7. Your Community Team will provide guidance to help you maximize the value of membership.