How do I obtain an invoice and complete a wire transfer?

Follow the link in your Offer of Admission to complete registration. When you reach the payment options, select Invoice and complete all required billing information necessary for your or your company to process payment. Our finance team will issue an invoice to the email address provided in your application. (Please email if the invoice needs to be forwarded to other parties).

To ensure prompt allocation of funds to your account, please include the following information as part of the wire transaction:

  • participant's name
  • program date
  • invoice # 

Please email a copy of the wire confirmation document to for our finance team to track the transaction.

Depending on your bank and country restrictions, some wire transactions may take 5-10 days to reach our account 

If your organization has a long internal payment process, we recommend completing payment with a personal credit card to confirm your seat, and then obtaining reimbursement from the organization. 

Once our finance team confirms receipt of payment, our hospitality team will be in touch with logistics information for your travel planning.

A paid invoice can be requested after payment confirmation by emailing


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